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Huobi Expands into Hong Kong with New Trading Service
Huobi Expands into Hong Kong with New Trading Service
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Huobi, a well-established cryptocurrency exchange platform, has made an announcement regarding the launch of its new service, Huobi HK, in Hong Kong. The company revealed its intention to offer cryptocurrency trading services to users in Hong Kong. With its significant contributions, Huobi HK is actively driving Hong Kong's transformation into the global hub for Web3, playing a vital role in shaping the city's prominence in this cutting-edge technology space.

In the future, Huobi HK aims to provide users with the capability to seamlessly purchase, sell, and hold mainstream cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH, along with other major cryptocurrencies listed on the independent index. With this initiative, Huobi HK is committed to delivering an outstanding trading experience specifically tailored for Web3 users in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has been progressively implementing crypto-friendly policies, and it has recently announced upcoming "crypto regulations." The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has indicated that further details regarding regulations for virtual asset trading will be disclosed starting from June 1st. It is anticipated that retail investors will have the opportunity to trade digital assets on licensed platforms by the second half of 2023.

Playing a proactive role in advancing and fostering Hong Kong's Web3 ecosystem, Huobi, a reputable cryptocurrency exchange platform, has actively engaged in its promotion. The significant contributions made by Huobi during the recent Hong Kong Web3 Carnival, where the platform participated in the inaugural Web3 ecosystem fund, are worth mentioning. Furthermore, Huobi is presently preparing to submit an application for a cryptocurrency trading license in Hong Kong. With a goal to establish a regulatory-compliant presence in the local market, Huobi aims to expedite the progress and development of Hong Kong's Web3 ecosystem.

In reference to the regulation of Web3 in Hong Kong, a representative from Huobi expressed the belief that such regulation would play a vital role in facilitating the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. They further affirmed Huobi's commitment to collaborating with regulatory authorities in Hong Kong to actively contribute to the development of a dynamic Web3 hub in the region. Huobi, which started as a cryptocurrency exchange in 2013, has now expanded into a wide-ranging ecosystem of blockchain-related businesses. It provides services in various sectors, including trading digital assets, financial derivatives, wallets, research, investment, and supporting startups. Operating across over 160 countries and regions worldwide, Huobi serves a vast user base. With a focus on global expansion, technology-driven growth, and utilizing technology for positive purposes, Huobi is committed to delivering extensive services and value to cryptocurrency enthusiasts across the globe.

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