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HAVAH Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement with PERPLAY
HAVAH Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement with PERPLAY
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  • 승인 2023.03.08 14:25
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Interchain platform HAVAH announced that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with PERPLAY, the world's first ‘G&E(Game and Earn)’ platform.

This strategic partnership announcement marks the continuation of the onboarding partnership established in November of last year. As part of this mutual strategic investment, they collaborated on the release of limited edition NFTs, namely the Havah Friends x Perplay series, and ran joint promotions for their users.

By leveraging the robust synergy of Perplay, which is the first dApp to be integrated into Havah's interchain mainnet, the two companies plan to strategically target the global mobile game market and drive the expansion of the NFT ecosystem.

Havah is an interchain platform that expands utility and increases value by allowing NFTs issued on multiple chains to be seamlessly transferred and used. It has secured approximately $7.7 million in initial investment from HANGANG Ventures, MARBLEX, XPLA, BORA, and MAMA Ventures, and will continuously disclose various global investments and partnerships.

PERPLAY is the world’s first G&E(Game and Earn) platform where users own, upgrade, and earn from their NFTs. Users can earn tokens from playing any game they have registered in the PERPLAY app, which can be games they already enjoy on their devices or other games they want to download from app marketplaces. PERPLAY makes earning rewards possible at one’s fingertips.

According to HAVAH Lead, Yeonggwang “Glory” Lim, “The newly formed strategic partnership is a significant milestone that reaffirms the shared philosophy and values of the two companies. The collaboration with PERPLAY holds tremendous potential for driving the growth of the game ecosystem and creating a synergy that will mutually benefit both parties in the future."

PERPLAY CEO Jaecheong Lim, said, “Through this strategic partnership agreement, the two companies have come to an even more steadfast commitment to expanding the global mobile game ecosystem based on seamless NFT transactions. We will do our best to ensure all necessary preparations are in place for a stable service launch starting with the Genesis NFT sale.”


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