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Keypair, Unveil the World first NFC enabled Cold Wallet "Keywallet Touch"
Keypair, Unveil the World first NFC enabled Cold Wallet "Keywallet Touch"
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  • 승인 2019.08.14 10:42
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A true Multi Crypto Wallet with App Wallet and Cold Wallet
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Keywallet Touch App on iOS
Keywallet Touch App on iOS

[Blockchaintoday Han Jimin Reporter] On 13 Aug. in Seoul, Keypair Inc. (Founders JY Lee & Kevin CK Lee), the leading cryptocurrency wallet developer in Korea, said today it has launched and updated both Android and iPhone version of its popular hardware wallet called “KeyWallet Touch, NFC enabled card crypto wallet.

Recently, cryptocurrency has come out with a wide variety of products that dare be called wallet wars in Korea. Form Overseas, Trezor , Nano Ledger are competing with South Korea's Samsung Electronics' S10 blockchain Wallet and Bitberry. Keypair's Key Wallet series, which is an updated version, is a first-generation Cold Wallet in Korea and is made by a security company that has many users not only in Korea but also abroad.

Keypair is also the first company in South Korea to receive SE-based CMVP certification, the first of its kind in the country to fulfil the security requirement of Korean Government in October last year.

Also massive update comes with many features, especially for convenience and scalability, according to Keypair. For the first time in the industry, Cold Wallet and Hot Wallet have been provided simultaneously, and easy listing of history for remittance, adjusting transfer fee, market page, automatic wallet generation and recovery word backup function, and easy adding ERC20 tokens. company also said that it will use the existing authentication function to provide customized services for the future of keypair's custody service. 

New KeyWallet Touch Apps on Google Android OS and Apple iOS
New KeyWallet Touch Apps on Google Android OS and Apple iOS

According to Kevin CK Lee, co-founder of Keypair, " Keywallet Touch is equipped with the capabilities that our customers really need through various feedback obtained from the service over the past year and a half."

He said, "I hope these diverse and secure cryptocurrency wallets are designed to suit the characteristics of the privacy law im Europe’s GDPR and help the market's transparency and safety." Lastly, he said he hopes to expand the current blockchain hardware wallet to Crypto Bank services including Portfolio management, P2P Lending , Payment, Custody, and Trust Services.

Apps now are available on both iOS App store and Google Play Store typing “Keywallet Touch”. The cards can be purchased at Amazon online store. You can check website for more information. 


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